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Agriculture can be considered as the essence of India. This sector plays a vital role in building up the economy of the nation. India is one of the leading countries when it comes to total farming output. Being counted amongst the top producers of vegetables and fruits across the globe, the agricultural industry in India offers ample of avenues. Total export in this sector has seen an increment of 200% during the period 2001-2009.

Agriculture accounts for a major percentage of India's GDP and has been serving at the backbone of Indian economy since India's independence. It supports more than half a billion people providing employment to 52 per cent of the workforce. An in-depth understanding of the changing government policies and constant monitoring of the key market players are prerequisites to be a leader in this sector and capture the untapped market opportunities.

Moreover, adequate expertise is quintessential to communicate effectively within the agriculture industry and other key communities. Prudent analysis and calculative approach towards certain factors like nutritional requirements, eco friendly techniques, conserving biodiversity are prerequisites. A holistic and systematic approach is instrumental in striking a balance between profitability, social equity and environmental protection.

At Mavcomm, we not only help you identify and understand the multifaceted trends and various challenge in the industry, but also ensure that your company holds a formidable position in the market. We customize communication programs to ensure a transparent and effective delivery of your message to the world. Our experts help you strengthen relationships with the key segments which might influence the agricultural sector. We ensure you go hand in hand with the government policies and make the best utilization of the opportunities they provide. We not only help you identify the untapped segments in this sector but also guide you to make the most profitable investments. Our vigilant team of experts keeps you updated and prepared to handle critics in the best way possible.