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Corporate PR

Character is what one is; Reputation is what one is thought to be by others. And in today's time, reputation is undeniably the real ace up sleeve for any company. Corporate Pulic Relation or Reputation Management is more than just communication with the relevant stakeholders. It involves continuous monitoring of conversations about the company, risk assessment and risk management.We spend time to understand the unique character of a brand or a company to create a well-balanced messaging to build a strong cache of trust among the target audience. We specialize in formulating and implementing comprehensive communications strategy, which adeptly communicates the right message, at the right time and to the right audience. We follow a comprehensive, holistic and a structured approach to manage our clients reputation on real-time basis.Our corporate communications experts will help you:

  • Create message & strategy formulation
  • Identify media opportunities that can be suitably leveraged (interactive)
  • Overall counsel and co-ordination on media strategy including brand positioning
  • Media List Development & Updating
  • Profiling of relevant top personnel
  • Management of routine in-coming media requests
  • Identify and suitably manage, keeping communications personnel updated, all media requests (telephonic, faxed, electronic)
  • Determine news focus
  • Provide background information to media and to client
  • Schedule and facilitate interface session(s)
  • Proactive Media Interface Opportunities
  • Schedule one-on-one interface sessions with select leading domestic and international business dailies/magazines/TV Channels
  • Follow-up, monitor and report coverage