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Crisis Management

Mavcomm follows a unique and proactive approach to crisis management. We believe that the first step to crisis management is to avoid it from occurring in the first place. We work extensively with our clients to assess, prepare for and mitigate crisis issues in advance. We develop robust crisis management plans to ensure you have the solution in place before the crisis occurs.

Mavcomm has tremendous experience of assessing crisis, managing crisis and preparing companies to avert a crisis. Our team has experience of handling crisis across all prominent sectors like automobile, consumer products, retail, finance, manufacturing, technology, etc. Our crisis management team has the experience to anticipate crisis and deploy resources to help tackle the crisis.

Our approach to crisis communications focuses on assessing client needs, mapping of internal and external risks, formulating a strategy and execution plan to stabilise key stakeholders' opinions.

Apart from the strategy, we provide our clients with the complete implementation support required at every stage of the crisis preparedness and response mechanism.

Crisis Management Process Cycle:

Anticipate and
identify (determininig
potenial type of crisis
and device strategies to avert them)

assess and analyse
(analyse the nature of
crisis and determine
crisis and risk
control procedures)

(Developing the crisis
specific messages
required for any
given situation
and defferent forms
of media)

manage and contror
(prepare targeted
messageing for the
key stakeholders and
develop statements)

(constantly monitor
feedback from key
stakeholders to accurately
adapt crisis
management strategy
& tactics)

Execution and
response (define
roles, stakeholder
engagement plan
and respond quickly
and offline channels)

Crisis Management
Process Cycle