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Mavcomm Distinction

Legacy - One of the few PR agencies in India set up in Mid-2000’s to grow and thrive in an industry becoming increasingly competitive. Brings to the table a decade of experience, results, association with great brands, expertise and unmatched work ethics. Poised to achiever faster growth in coming decade building upon its strengths.

Substance - A strong network with India’s business, bureaucracy and political class apart from working relationships with top media houses, a strong network of credible journalists who like the well-researched content created by us. This, coupled with in-depth industry knowledge, strategic understanding of business operations and emerging technologies which are key requirements for formulating successful communication plans.

Boundary-less Approach - Combining the old with the new, flanking traditional PR with the new age digital and social media platforms taking into account that the lines between PR and traditional marketing are now blurring. With an early realization that to be able to service businesses effectively a convergent approach spanning across multiple platforms and communication channels, Mavcomm has tried to stay ahead of the curve .

• Proactive efforts for clients rather than following a reactive approach
• Focus on planned communications
• Emphasis on research driven stories to create pull factor rather than pushing stories
• Continuous involvement of Senior team members
• One of the highest rate of retention of clients and employees
• Extremely strong network of affiliates