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Education sector is one of the most critical investments and an essential element for the development of India's economy. After education being made compulsory for all children of age group 6-14years, there have been the much needed reforms in this sector. The increasing government initiatives and reforms have brought in many exciting opportunities accompanied by a number of unforeseen challenges. Reiterating history, India is now increasingly considered as a favorite destination for quality higher education worldwide.

Optimum use of effective public relation can be instrumental in leveraging the education sector. With the growing demand and numerous players in this sector, effective communication is the crux to stand ahead in this tough competition. Unexpected challenges like dramatic shifts in funding and unpredictable public opinion requires prior vigilance. Moreover, strategic plan is required for effective external and internal communication. Sending across organizational intentions clearly amongst the internal members plays a vital role in casting a positive attitude amongst its members. Higher education institutions are becoming increasingly aggressive in their marketing activities to convey an image that is favorable and in all aspects beneficial to their public, funders and students.We at Mavcomm understand your requirements and assist you respond adequately. With our years of expertise in this field, we formulate the best strategic communication plan for you. Our tailor made crisis response program helps you to respond to any crisis delicately and with readiness. We strategize programs and implement them to uphold, and promote the image of your institution, maintaining favorable relations with the community or public at large. The team of experts at Mavcomm effectively performs any media coverage for your organization's events offering you the optimum promotion. We understand and thoroughly analyze the challenges faced by your institution and devise our plans to overcome them with ease. Whether it is organizing an event, pitching for funds or re-launch of your programs we ensure that your organization gets the most out of it.