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Public Affairs

Mavcomm offers a range of Public Affairs and Government Relations services. Our Public Affairs team combines years of experience to provide unrivalled expertise in government, regulatory and public policy issues.

We are always plugged in, our expertise of marketing and media relations combined with in-depth and specialised knowledge of government relations results in effective public affairs campaigns.

We specialise in building issue-based campaigns that influence decision-makers while affecting the public opinion across the country.

Our tailored campaigns cover the entire gamut of political communications. We provide in-depth analysis, political intelligence about changes in public policies, and help clients’ shape their messages effectively through targeted programmes, so they resonate with policy-makers.

Public Affairs Process Cycle:

Create and maintain a positive profile through public affairs programmes

analyse and monitor political debates and agendas

assist in drafting resonses and policy submission

provide valuable insight and political intelligence about public policy development

convey clients' messages effectively through targeted contact programmse

Detailed analysis of proposed bill or policy, for developing strategies

Public Affairs
Process Cycle