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Media Relations

We believe Media Relations is not just about pitching stories and getting Press Releases published. Media Relations is the art of tactfully managing relationships with media to shape opinions and enthuse action. Mavcomm strives for comprehensive media relations to effectively communicate client's objectives at the right time to the right media and get greatest impact. We believe in bridging the gap between our clients and the media through a sustained relationship building process.We also believe that while speaking to the media about our client's message, proactive approach, driven by strong content, research and understanding of the sector/industry are just as important as having good relationship with the media. We constantly monitor and study story trends in media and create responsive and compelling story pegs which are readily accepted by media.

Our media relations team comprises of former senior journalists from print, electronic and online medium and communications professionals with proven expertise in:

  • Creating large network of personal contacts with key journalists
  • Maintaining and enhancing relationships with reporters and editors at all levels of media structure
  • Advising clients and developing tactics to increase their media exposure
  • Customizing media database to enable selection of optimum media mix to support a client's particular objective

Constantly update media lists and keeping a vigil on crucial media movements