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Meet the ‘Mav'(in)’comm’

Meet the 'Mav'(in)'comm'

This being our first blog post, a lot of thinking was done; a lot of ideas flew around us on what to write as a first. Suggestions were plenteous, our search engines were exhausted but there was nothing we could find that would blow our reader’s minds.

So we decided to tame ourselves a bit. Instead of trying to blow anyone’s mind, we settled down to telling our readers a bit about ourselves (hoping that, it might blow your mind!)

Mavcomm is a leading integrated communications consultancy.

Written in ‘Bold and Italics’, reason being every word in this phrase has a definite meaning.

Started in 2006, Mavcomm today has emerged as one of the top communications consultancy in the country; Mavcomm provides a comprehensive service package comprising of not just public relations but the entire gamut of services within the communications spectrum; lastly we are not an agency, Mavcomm is a consultancy wherein our role is not just to guide our clients towards the desired goals but to be a partner in every step of their journey ‘of becoming a brand’.

Coming back to where we started – Why Mavcomm? Do you know what our name means? Anyone? Well, neither did most of our personnel till recently. One day while having lunch, we got down to discussing meanings of names. Each one of us, knew what our and the others names meant. Then came Mavcomm. Did anyone know actually what Mavcomm meant? Well all of us knew that the ‘comm’ meant communication. But Mav…hmm…lots of guesses, but nothing substantial came out.

But the question remained. What does ‘Mav’ in Mavcomm stand for? Maverick? Marvelous…no… then what? We decided to give a task (Management’s favourite) to everyone to figure out what ‘Mav’ in Mavcomm stood for. Google, our best buddy also couldn’t figure out! The only ‘Mav’ it had was a Greek word which meant Black. What? No, that couldn’t be logical. Then what was the ‘Mav’? And then it was time for some enlightenment and learning. ‘Mav’ is derived from a Hebrew word ‘Mavin’-“meaning- ace: someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.”

So that’s the story behind ‘Mav’ in ’comm’, which simply means the aces in the field of communication. Isn’t that right now!

Mavcomm is a leading full-service public relations company designed for the modern marketing milieu.

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