Case Study

Situation/ Challenge

The German luxury carmaker, entered the market after their competitors and compatriots were well-established and strongly covered by media. We were given the mandate of increasing their media presence and creating a unique positioning.


  • Mavcomm created a Strategic Media Plan to position luxury car brand as a challenger in India which was fast catching up with other players. A tactical positioning was worked out for creating an appeal especially amongst the younger audiences
  • The share of voice for the brand and its spokesperson was increased through utilization of exclusive interactions and all industry opportunities
  • We increased the media universe through events and regional outreach programs


  • The luxury car brand has consistently high visibility and share of voice amongst luxury car makers in India. Prolific media coverage of overall brand, products, services, and spokespersons, with high frequency is a must and is executed religiously
  • Timeframe: 2011 onwards
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