Case Study

Campaign Objective

  • India’s leading flexible packaging company with an excellent track record, strong financial situation, and growth plans.
  • However, the brand was plagued with negative news. The company was dragged into controversies with its top management being in news for all the wrong reasons


  • Mavcomm’s research indicated a strong disconnect between media and brand’s top management which had to be bridged immediately so that positive announcements about the company could be taken up seriously by media.
  • Mavcomm derived a strategy based on relationship building and rapid announcements to get media closer to the company.
  • The company's CFO and HR head were positioned in the media
  • A strong content marketing drive was undertaken to increase positive visibility


  • Perception shift leading to attitudinal changes in journalists
  • Coverage in all leading financial dailies, financial portals and electronic media
  • Renewed interest of media in the company
  • A substantial increase in investor interest leading to growth in stock price
  • Timeframe: 2010-17
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