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Being counted amongst the top ten publishing industry in the world, India today has its entire gamut of publishing activities and services available in-house. With an increasing number of annual outputs of books and mushrooming publishers, the Indian publishing sector has been in spotlight over the last few years. The literacy rate in India has considerably gone up post independence indicating the growing number of readers, both educational and leisure. Interestingly, though India has nurtured many fine and legendry authors.

Until recently the Indian literature had a prominent colonial influence. In the past few years, Indian literary world has gone through a silent renaissance with many fine Indian authors enriching this segment with their contributions in a number of regional languages.

The publishing market model is now non-homogenous, the flavor of which is brought out by the language of the works being published. With the growing number of voracious Indian readers, this publishing segment has gained much momentum. The government initiatives and support to promote literature has been remarkable. The growing number of Indian authors contributing immensely to the literary field has given rise to the need of public relation. It is often said no two person reads the same book. True indeed, as in the literary world it is all about interpretation. Hence, an effective communication plan becomes imperative so as to place the writer's message un-tempered in front of the target audience. The world of literature demands transparency and lucidity. Any baseless propaganda can be detrimental. As such, much research goes into before formulating a communication plan to highlight a writer's work in the optimal platform.

Our tested and proven approach in Mavcomm provides you with the best media coverage. We not only assist you find the best launching platforms but also ensure that maximum coverage is obtained. Our dedicated team of passionate experts constantly guides you to handle media and prepare you to meet critics with the best responses. We come up with the best custom made communication plan for you. We just know what it takes to trigger the inquisitive quotient of your fans and we deliver it impeccably. Our creative pre launch packages have basked in the glory of our client's success stories time and again.