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Real Estate

Real Estate is one of such sectors which are affected the most by the slightest fluctuation in the economy of a country. Last few years have seen a sturdy growth in Indian economy which has directly increased the demand in the real estate market. This sector contributes about 5 percent of the country's GDP. The total revenue generated from the real estate sector in 2010-11 stood at US$ 66.8 billion and is expected to touch stupendous height by 2020. With the growing industrialization and entry of multinational companies the real estate sector has gained a new pace. The liberalization of economic policy has further intensified the growth of this sector.

Various factors directly or indirectly contribute significantly to the growth of the real estate sector like the travel sector, industrialization to mention the least. With India becoming increasingly favorite destination for FDI investment, more and more foreign companies are channelizing their money to India. This has leveraged many real estate companies by bringing in new and unexplored avenues. With the growing number of competitors it is crucial that your message reaches the audience unchanged and in a timely manner. Identifying the best time to launch new products or make announcements needs both pragmatic and calculative approach.

We at Mavcomm, help you to decipher the complex government policies, for a better understanding of its implications. By developing an integral communication plan we ensure your business objectives are met. We are vigilant of the economic meltdowns and the changing government environments and formulate our strategies encompassing them. We take adequate measures to keep you updated of the market movements. Our innovative approach helps influence public perception and moulds it to your advantage. We understand the factors that trigger the audience and utilize them to build and enhance your reputation. Be it a product announcement, a celebration of achieving a milestone or a significant tie-up, our dedicated team ensures that you get the optimum coverage and platform to showcase your events.