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The social sector is an important sector of India’s economy and factors like liberalisation, and economic reforms have played a pivotal in the areas of social infrastructure and development. With the aim to uplift communities and improve the quality of life at the grassroots level, policy makers, as well as private sector in India, are setting the social sector on the track. With the CSR regime and Program-related Investments (PRIs) firmly in place, the social sector landscape is set to witness positive outcomes in India.

What We Do? / Our expertise in Social sector

PR in the social sector not just about measurable ROI, raising awareness and persuading target audiences to take actions. It involves efforts that result in tangible actions that support social change. In the social sector, Mavcomm has successfully served to establish and maintain a climate conducive to communication and understanding between the client and its target audience.

From fundraising, mobilising volunteers, to organising special events and having an active role in the media, we bring an in-depth understanding of the strategy and techniques required to create the right kind of exposure for our clients. With years of experience in not-for profit Public Relations and strategic counsel, we have provided complete support to the communication networks of our clients and their external environment, communicating and connecting with the media, donors and influencers. Concerning the persuasive component, our team has the experience to communicate and transmit messages relating to activities, initiatives, projects to capture attention and interest of policy makers in the organisation's mission.

Storytelling is an important communications tool, but it is an essential mode of communication in the social sector for they create emotional connections with target audiences. Mavcomm has effectively created strategic stories that have a purpose, combining both head and heart that drives people not just to watch but also take action.

Some of our special services for Social sector clients include:
1. Stakeholder mapping and engagement
2. Content creation and management
3. Monitoring and research
4. Media relations and outreach

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