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Tips for Success in Content Marketing in 2017

There is no rocket science if you wish to be an expert in the world of content marketing, but how is the question? Yes, we all know and promote the thought ‘content is the king’, but apart from this, there are several other factors which can make your content marketing campaign, a success.

It is evident that Google’s ranking algorithm has made many once successful SEO practices have become irrelevant. Google’s attacks against traditional SEO methods have closed many mediocre content marketing institutions. Gone are the days when search engine optimisation meant stuff a keyword in the title, subheaders, alt tags, slug, meta-description, and body of an article, and you successfully land your content on the first page of Google.

It has also been noticed commonly content marketers dive haphazardly in the execution part with a minimal groundwork on making the strategy.

2017 is a year where content marketing is predicted to play a larger role in digital marketing initiatives than ever before. There are some general guidelines that will genuinely help you to put your strategy in place and maintain the momentum effectively.

1)    A great content bank and dedicated content creators

All the efforts of creating a good marketing strategy go in vain if you do not give the desired attention to your content bank and fail to hire someone who is a seasoned professional in content creation. The person should understand your thrust and nerve to create the capturing content.

2)    Video content will be more relevant

Video content platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube will continue to remain successful, and video content will grow in importance as part of a company’s content marketing plan.

Live streaming features by Facebook will also continue to be in vogue. Video content is also great for boosting UX metrics.

3)    No end to reading and research

As a content creating company it is mandatory to be an avid reader and spend much of your time in reading on different platforms of social media, message boards, blogs, review sites—anywhere potential leads could be hanging out online—and follow closely to understand what they’re talking about and what content is being sold to us. The success of content marketing lies in engaging with your audience. This avid research can help you set the tone of your content from time to time.

4)    Put in joint efforts while brainstorming

A single mind can only crop up or think of ideas and concepts to an extent. Then why not make your team sit together and do a collective brainstorming to generate a wide array of ideas.

It is a centre stage act that creative brainstorming should take place to solve a significant internal or external challenge. It has its advantage as when you get your team together to collaborate and creatively solve a problem; there are many positive things that come about.

It is seen that teammates are more open to sharing ideas to one & another and seeking advice on individual projects during a brainstorming session & it improves the team’s ability to think outside the box.

5)    The distribution pattern

Sending mass emails are not enough these days, you have to market them as well. People consume information in so many ways that if you create content for only one channel or in a single format, you will miss a large chunk of your potential audience.

Follow the drill of creating content for every channel with a strategy through which you will be communicating with your audience. Every platform has its uniqueness and serves different audiences depending on the factors like age, gender, demography, education, etc. Multiple channels and their content formats are different and must be handled carefully as they are unique in strengths and limitations.

You can be a winner if you thoroughly understand the features of every channel and the do’s and don’ts to be followed.

To conclude, create better and unique content and be effective in presenting it timely to your audience. Be alert and proactive for any last minute redemptions or breaking the big story in no seconds.

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