In today’s rapidly changing time, many businesses believe innovation to be the path to success and growth. They often do not realise the importance of ‘reputation’ in the market, when it comes to the growth of a business. Goodwill is something that can make or break a business and companies understand this only when they are in hot water with their stakeholders.

Businesses today, operate in an extremely volatile environment with constant forces of disruption like technology, globalisation, economic policies, cultural changes etc. Keeping the environment in mind, these companies are always under the scrutiny of the media and all of its stakeholders, giving easy access to what the company does and does not.

Apart from the existing scrutiny, the Indian environment offers its own set of challenges with a complex and usual set of political, legal, social, economic and media veracities. For such an environment, it is highly imperative that companies maintain a good reputation in the market.

What we do/ Our Expertise in Corporate Sector

We believe that the power of trust can build relationships and reputation. We work closely with our clients to engage employees, deepen customer relationships, attract investors and bring into line government and public interests, to build a better repute for the company. At Mavcomm, we believe that no idea or business is small. For over a decade we have helped numerous businesses to launch and grow through professional, competitive and cost-effective public relations services and strategic counsel. 

We work to align the company with its stakeholders and, for connecting with a variety of audiences through the most effective means!

Some of our special services for Corporate clients include:

  1. Comprehensive PR strategy and plan
  2. Content creation
  3. Explore media opportunities and outreach
  4. Stakeholders interaction and mapping
  5. Media relations and outreach

Mavcomm is a leading full-service public relations company designed for the modern marketing milieu.

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