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 Mavcomm offers you a range of Political PR and Government Relations Services. Our team of experts bring experience and unrivalled expertise in government, regulatory, political and public policy issues.

We specialize in creating need-based solutions, on the basis of an in-depth study and analysis of the Indian Political spectrum, the bureaucratic system and, the media. Our well-tailored campaigns make sure to cover all aspects of Political Communications. We create and maintain a positive profile in the public, we ensure in-depth analysis and monitor political debates and policies, develop traditional and modern media strategies, identify political threats and most importantly, we provide political intelligence about changes in policies and, help our clients shape their messages through proper, effective, targeted programmers, for them to be at par with the policymakers!

Our thorough understanding of the government and the Indian politico-social environment is what makes us the preferred and trusted choice of consultants across businesses, in an exponential political environment.

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Mavcomm is a leading full-service public relations company designed for the modern marketing milieu.

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