Case Study

Situation/ Challenge

A start-up payment gateway brand which was a new entrant into the market and was struggling with its perception. It wanted to raise its profile as an innovator in the payments solutions vertical. The payment gateway industry was in a nascent stage at that time and media reporting very low.


  • Our first step was to get media interested in Payment gateways and how the sector was in for a boom with increasing digital penetration
  • A series of initiatives were created in order to generate engagement including demo of the product and giving out data on how trends were moving
  • Multiple spokespersons of the company were utilized for specific topics such as Tech, merchant partnerships and Banking


  • In the 24 months of work with the brand, they were positioned among the top three mobile/online payments companies in India. Their focus was projected through different media and the coverage and awareness levels also increased. We achieved more than a hundred exposures across media like The Economic Times, CNBC or Business India. The company was later acquired at great valuations
  • Timeframe: 2015-16
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